Fall 2023 State Premiership

lliinois Youth Soccer started the State Premiership Division in Spring 2013 with support from our competitive member leagues. This exclusive competition was designed to give elite teams that are registered with Illinois Youth Soccer competitive member leagues (Illinois Women’s Soccer League (IWSL), Young Sportsmen’s Soccer League (YSSL), Central lllinois Youth Soccer League (CIYSL), LDE Competitive Soccer, St Louis Youth Soccer Association (SLYSA), and ILLOWA an opportunity to compete against the other top teams in the state.




  • How To Update & Add Contacts In GotSport - ALL TEAMS SHOULD DO ASAP
  • State Office Contact: Chris Jamrozy chrisj@illinoisyouthsoccer.org 
  • Referee Assignor: Patrick Legge
    • PatLeggeRefereeAssignor@gmail.com
    • (224) 484-0990
    • If you have any day of referee issues including referee no shows, field changes or last minute cancelations please contact the referee assignor directly. Do not CC Patrick on scheduling issues. Only game day issues.


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Whis the cost?
All teams in the State Premiership must be registered to an Illinois Youth Soccer member competitive league and pay the league-designated registration fee. This includes your player insurance,player registration with IYSA, USYS & US Soccer and gets you your players passes.

In addition to the IYSA member competitive league fee, each teams pays

  • $175 State Premiership Fee 
  • Per game referee fee.  Starting Fall 2023 BOTH teams will pay the following at each State Premiership match
    • 13U/14U:  $80 per game ( Each team brings: 2 $20 bills, 4 $10 bills)
    • 15/16U: $85 per game ( Each team brings: 2 $20 bills, 4 $10 bills, 1 $5 bill)
    • 17-19U: $95 per game ( Each team brings: 4 $20 bills, 1 $10 bills, 1 $5 bill)

Where are games played?
All games are home team host. Illinois Youth Soccer gives each team a schedule with which games they are the home team.

What are the play dates for the Premiership?

  • July 10: State Premiership Application Deadline
  • July 15: Accepted Teams Notified
  • August 4 - Schedules released. Teams can begin play
  • September 6: Schedules Due
  • November 20: Season concludes - all games must be played by

How are games scheduled?

Team schedule the game among themselves and a finalized schedule must be submitted to Illinois Youth Soccer by the schedule by deadline. Teams are allowed to reschedule games as need be, following a specific protocol.

Where do I find team contacts?
All teams should promptly follow the directions here to update their Premiership contacts so they will appear on their team page

What do I bring to games?


How do I report the score?

The winning team collects BOTH gamecards from the center ref. If the match is a draw the home team should collect BOTH gamecards and then scan or takes a photo of both gamecards and sends them to iysascoring@gmail.com or follow the prompts on the gamecard on how to enter the score via the phone-in or online system

If a referee keeps the gamecards please notify chrisj@illinoisyouthsoccer.org following the match

Results should be submitted with 24-hrs of the completion of the match or teams could be subject to a fine for failing to submit scores promptly