Illinois Youth Soccer COVID Update (December 7)

Illinois Youth Soccer COVID Update (December 7)



Other than the required documents listed below for all participants and member organizations, IYSA will have no additional requirements at this time. Subject to change.  

IYSA not having additional requirements does NOT mean there are not additional guidelines your organization still needs to follow. Please consult the park district that you rent fields from and your local health department for any requirements that you must follow.   

We also encourage all eligible coaches, players, referees, administrators, volunteers and spectators to get vaccinated to keep us moving forward towards the soccer experiences we were used to pre-COVID. 


  • Organizations must collect from each participant the signed “IYSA Communicable Disease Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement” PRIOR to every athlete’s participation.  Keep the executed Agreement for a minimum of seven (7) years and make it available to the IYSA upon request.
    • Competitive clubs collect these from all players, coaches team manager, board members and any other active participant in club activities
    • Recreational leagues collect these from all players, coaches, board members, referees, volunteers and any other active participant in club activities
    • Referee assignors collect these from all referees
    • Sanctioned tournaments collect these from all teams, employees, volunteers and tournament workers.
  • Complete and submit to IYSA prior to the start of activities the “IYSA Organization Communicable Disease Agreement”.
    • Competitive teams submit this info to their competitive league(s)
    • Recreational leagues submit this to
  • Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 and those designated as close contacts must follow all state-issued requirements before returning to activity.