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Background Screening



New Background Screening Procedures were implemented on May 1, 2021.  Please read below before proceeding to your background search submission.


Click here for instructions, information, and about completing your 2023-2024 IYSA Risk Management Requirements.


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Terms & Conditions

Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA), as a charter member of US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer Association, is obligated to conduct and monitor a risk management program in Illinois. In compliance with these national policies, the IYSA adopted IYSA Rule 019 that requires all persons aged 18 years and older that have direct contact with minors in IYSA affiliated programs to submit to a background screen. Our online background screen management company is NCSI/SSCI via the SportsEngine platform. In order to do an accurate background screen, NCSI/SSCI must collect certain personal information including, but not limited to, your first and last name, date of birth, residence address, email address or other contact information, and your social security number. If the search reveals a criminal history record and NCSI/SSCI cannot determine if the criminal history record belongs to you, NCSI/SSCI will order a name and address history which is done by using your social security number. The social security number is truncated when entered on the application. In addition to your social security number, this second step may require additional identifying information including a valid photo id or other documents to help confirm or eliminate a criminal record match. If you want to dispute your background screen report, you will need to contact NSCI/SSCI directly.  You will not be approved to participate in IYSA affiliated programs until you pass our background screening process. The cost of the background screen is $20.00 plus a $.50 processing fee. Please note: no refunds will be issued.


Illinois Youth Soccer Association does not disclose, market, sell or otherwise disseminate the information provided in the IYSA Volunteer Application/Disclosure Statement/Consent for Background Search.


SportsEngine provides the background screen application, administration management tools, and a transmission interface between the IYSA and the consumer reporting agency, NCSI/SSCI.


NCSI/SSCI Privacy & Security Policy

National Center for Safety Initiatives and Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc. (NCSI | SSCI) is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) that prepares consumer reports for authorized employers under the provisions of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and for volunteer organizations. Our policy is straightforward: NCSI | SSCI only collects registrant data pursuant to written authorization and disclosure, and only disseminates consumer reports as directed in the written authorization. In other words, data is only collected and distributed at the direction and authorization of consumers.  NCSI | SSCI respects the privacy of our offline/online visitors and clients.  It is our policy to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of any personal data voluntarily submitted to us in writing or while visiting our website. We will use the information obtained from our visitors and clients for intended purposes only, so that we may respond to inquiries in a complete and timely manner and provide regular updates on new products and services available from our company.


We recognize the importance of security and take measures to protect against the loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration of personally identifiable information collected through the NCSI | SSCI website. We exercise care in providing secure transmission of your information from your PC to our servers. Once we receive personally identifiable information, we take steps to protect its security on our systems.  We have an ICSA certified firewall in place that prevents outside hackers and automated attack programs from penetrating our network. In addition, we have the latest and most updated anti-virus software in place to prevent viruses from entering our computer network, which reduces the exposure to data destruction and theft via internally placed “stealth” programs.  Knowing that this was not enough, we have also ensured that the best anti-spyware defenses are in place to prohibit spyware from infiltrating our network and clandestinely gathering our data. Finally, a rock solid data backup system is in place that protects our system and data in case of catastrophe. Backups of this system are stored electronically in multiple off site locations.


Prior to employment at NCSI | SSCI, all employment candidates must successfully complete a rigorous background screening program. Once approved, these employees are put through intensive training and are continually educated and supervised to ensure compliance to all policies and procedures.  At all times, NCSI | SSCI limits exposure of personally identifiable information to those employees who need access to carry out their job responsibilities.


We have also implemented measures to protect all hard copy documentation received from registrants. This critical documentation is securely stored for less than 90 days in our corporate offices. After this time frame has expired, these documents are destroyed utilizing a NAID certified local company. This process involves on-site destruction and provides certification that 100% of the documents have been effectively destroyed. 


Please note that background screenings can take up to 7 business days to clear.  If it has been 7 days since you submitted your background screening application and you have not received any communications from SportsEngine or NSCI/SSCI, please contact NCSI/SSCI at 


Who to Contact


Questions about the results of a completed background screen:



General administrative questions:



By clicking here to start the background screening process, I have read all of the above and I understand and agree to abide by the above Terms & Conditions